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Data loses its value if it doesn’t have any context

Activity trackers probably won’t make you healthier and may not help you lose weight, studies suggest. But, before you ditch your activity tracker, read what we have to say – it might make you think twice. A 12-month study, published in The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology, randomly assigned 800 full-time workers aged 21 to 65 […]

Physical Activity – The Miracle Drug

Physical activity is great for our health. We keep hearing this mantra, the evidence is overwhelming and yet we are in the midst of an inactivity epidemic! A vast number of people are suffering from preventable conditions and, most of the time and in most cases, are being treated with drugs that don’t work well. […]

Is Pokémon Go the answer to the inactivity crisis?

Pokémon Go has rapidly become a global phenomenon and it’s having a really positive side effect for some users – making them move more, thanks to the need for players to walk around in the real world in the hunt for Pokémon (you’ve #gottacatchemall). Moving is crucial to the game – you need to move a prescribed distance to hatch any […]

Why you should aim to do 1000-minutes of physical activity a week if you’re using an activity monitor

Huge numbers of people are choosing to use new technologies to track their physical activity in an effort to meet the 150-minutes per week of physical activity at a moderate-to-vigorous intensity the government recommend. But, many are being lead to believe that they vastly exceed these recommendations, when, in fact, they aren’t doing enough activity to […]

Endless possibilities for KiActiv® to improve lives

Unless you’re new to the KiActiv® blog, you’ll already know the numerous health benefits of an active lifestyle and just how many diseases you can be prevented and treated by doing the right activity. But, even we’ve been surprised by the diversity of the diseases we are being asked to work with. We have a […]

Physical activity for life

This blog was inspired by a British Journal of Sports Medicine blog I read last week. Click here for the link – it’s worth reading. In that blog, Nash Anderson, told of this fantastic statement he’d heard from a patient: “People ask me why I go to the gym all the time. They ask me […]