Keep Rocking Around the Christmas Tree This Festive Season

20/12/2019/by KiActiv® Team

Everyday activities shown to half chances of developing prostate cancer in men

18/12/2019/by KiActiv® Team

Can wearable fitness trackers actually give an accurate estimate of VO₂max?

27/11/2019/by KiActiv® Team

Regular physical activity shown to be an effective treatment in reducing the risk of depression

15/11/2019/by KiActiv® Team

Why are we still telling kids to sit down and sit still? Fidgeting can reduce the health risks posed by sedentary behaviour!

12/11/2019/by KiActiv® Team

Are we going through an inactivity epidemic? Recent NHS statistics shed light on the growing burden it’s facing.

08/11/2019/by KiActiv® Team

Run for your life! Can a weekly jog reduce your risk of early death?

06/11/2019/by KiActiv® Team

Minimising sedentary time is vital for good health – Even whilst on holiday!

23/10/2019/by KiActiv® Team

Can regular activity help to slow Alzheimer’s progression?

17/10/2019/by KiActiv® Team

Brits spend nearly 3 times as long making tea than they do exercising

15/10/2019/by KiActiv® Team

Outdoor activity given the green light in optimising mental health benefits

03/09/2019/by KiActiv® Team

Get on your bike! Why the ‘Active Travel’ concept is failing to improve activity habits

30/08/2019/by KiActiv® Team

Short walks and light-moderate physical activity shown to have positive results in limiting negative impacts associated with diabetes

27/08/2019/by KiActiv® Team

Sit less, move more and more often – the simplest of ways to benefit to your health

23/08/2019/by KiActiv® Team

Technology and Physical Activity: Can it be used to help manage Lymphoedema?

The human lymph system performs the vital function of removing…
21/08/2019/by KiActiv® Team

Staying active, whatever the weather

07/08/2019/by KiActiv® Team

Physical activity can increase your lifespan no matter what your age and past activity levels

A new study from the University of Cambridge has highlighted…
05/07/2019/by KiActiv® Team

Everyday physical activity is a powerful medicine for older adults with heart disease

A new scientific statement from the American Heart Association,…
03/04/2017/by KiActiv® Team

Make 2017 the year you stick to your physical activity resolution

For many of us, the start of a new year signals the beginning…
26/01/2017/by KiActiv® Team

Exercise Referral Schemes for may not be the answer to the obesity crisis

Despite being widespread in the UK as a popular way of promoting…
23/12/2016/by KiActiv® Team

Working out how much exercise to do will take more than the latest wearable tracker

Writing for The Conversation Professor Dylan Thompson, Director…
28/10/2016/by KiActiv® Team

Data loses its value if it doesn’t have any context

Activity trackers probably won't make you healthier and may not…
28/10/2016/by KiActiv® Team

Physical Activity – The Miracle Drug

Physical activity is great for our health. We keep hearing this…
04/10/2016/by KiActiv® Team

Is Pokémon Go the answer to the inactivity crisis?

Pokémon Go has rapidly become a global phenomenon and it's having…
10/08/2016/by KiActiv® Team

The Lancet calls for the world to get serious about physical activity

Ahead of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, the second Lancet Series…
01/08/2016/by KiActiv® Team

Why you should aim to do 1000-minutes of physical activity a week if you’re using an activity monitor

Huge numbers of people are choosing to use new technologies to…
28/06/2016/by KiActiv® Team

To change physical activity behaviour you need to make the data useful

Rather unsurprisingly, new research has shown that simply asking…
25/05/2016/by KiActiv® Team

Endless possibilities for KiActiv® to improve lives

Unless you’re new to the KiActiv® blog, you’ll already know…
12/04/2016/by KiActiv® Team

NHS’s £3.5m One You campaign encourages Britons to change unhealthy lifestyle behaviours, but is there a better way?

Today sees the launch of Public Health England’s One You campaign,…
07/03/2016/by KiActiv® Team

Physical activity for life

This blog was inspired by a British Journal of Sports Medicine…
29/02/2016/by KiActiv® Team

Every hour you sit can increase your diabetes risk by more than a fifth, according to new research

The more we sit down, the greater our risk we of developing type-2…
03/02/2016/by KiActiv® Team

Ki partner in new innovative NHS Test Bed set to benefit patients with diabetes

At the 46th Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos…
22/01/2016/by KiActiv® Team

Physical Activity is the most important weapon in the fight against obesity

Have you resolved to lose weight in 2016? Make sure physical…
06/01/2016/by KiActiv® Team

Get up every half an hour for your health

Sitting down all day is far too easy to do – sitting driving…
07/12/2015/by KiActiv® Team

Fitness in young adults predicts cardiovascular disease and death in later life

Physical activity is often thought of as no more than a method…
01/12/2015/by KiActiv® Team

Move more to improve your memory

We are pretty evangelical about the power of physical activity…
26/11/2015/by KiActiv® Team

Conflicting headlines just add to the confusion around Physical Activity

A simple question deserves a simple answer. Unfortunately, in…
10/11/2015/by KiActiv® Team

Does Physical Activity slow the aging process?

Almost any amount of Physical Activity may slow aging at a cellular…
02/11/2015/by KiActiv® Team

Being sedentary may not reduce the years in your life, but it can reduce the life in your years

“Couch potatoes rejoice! Sitting for long periods is NOT bad…
15/10/2015/by KiActiv® Team

Physical activity guidelines may be inadequate to prevent heart failure

We all know that physical activity plays a significant role in…
06/10/2015/by KiActiv® Team

You might want to stand up for this.

It’s becoming more and more apparent that sitting down is killing…
22/09/2015/by KiActiv® Team

The latest Mi-PACT research has been published!

The latest research paper from our partners at the University…
14/09/2015/by KiActiv® Team

The NHS is wasting money

Millions of pounds are being wasted each year on unnecessary…
11/09/2015/by KiActiv® Team

Physical Activity is the Key to a Longer, Healthier Life

You could live up to 7-years longer if you walked briskly for…
01/09/2015/by KiActiv® Team

Is a lack of housework really making women fat?

Can the Daily Mail’s attention grabbing headline “Not doing…
28/08/2015/by KiActiv® Team

Workaholics, Inactivity & Disease Risk

According to the result of a recent large-scale study, if you…
24/08/2015/by KiActiv® Team

“Time to get serious about lifestyle change.”

"We've said it before and we'll say it again, it's time to get…
21/08/2015/by KiActiv® Team

You’re never too old to be active & reduce your heart failure risk

The evidence tells us that being physically active can help prevent…
18/08/2015/by KiActiv® Team

Should Activity Be A Vital Sign?

That's the question being posed on the Avery Dennison blog. Click…
12/08/2015/by KiActiv® Team

How much physical activity do we need to do to stay healthy and live longer?

This is one of the most important questions in the modern world,…
05/08/2015/by KiActiv® Team

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